Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme

Replacement SAWS Project

(Seasonal Labour Supply to Farmers and Growers throughout the UK)

Abbey Personnel Services have been supplying the agricultural and horticultural sectors with reliable and flexible labour since 1999.

Since 2004 we have been recruiting labour gained directly from Eastern Europe for a number of long term and seasonal campaigns.

Due to the Government SAWS closing  in 2013, Abbey Personnel have developed a flexible and easy to use replacement SAWS scheme using our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our greatest asset is our reputation.

  • We have always treated our Workers with respect, honesty and integrity, these values are ingrained in our business and this is reflected in the trust and loyalty our productive and flexible workforce have in us.

  • We have always gained the respect of our customers with our reliable, flexible and productive service. In industries where time stops still for no man, meaning continuity of labour to provide continuity of supply is vital, we aim to provide this service to all our clients. 

We have developed links with a number of Universities in Poland and Bulgaria, their Directors have no hesitation in recommending us to their students for a positive work experience.

What We Offer

To the Farmers/Growers

  • Compliant GLA licenced Labour Supply.
  • Reliable labour supplied directly from Bulgaria or Poland.
  • We employ the workers so RTI Tax & NI are handled by us.
  • Designated Contract Managers.
  • 24 hour helpine.
  • Provision of PPE, including waterproofs.
  • Transport provision.
  • Site inductions carried out by our Contract Managers.

To the Seasonal Workers

  • Seasonal work, paid at, at least the National Minimum Wage.
  • Inspected and approved accommodation.
  • Assistance with Transport directly to farm.
  • Designated Contract Managers.
  • 24 hour helpine.
  • Bank Accounts arranged.
  • Social events organised.
  • Repatriation Insurance assistance.
  • An adventure!

For more information on the Abbey Personnel Seasonal Agricultural Workers Project contact us as soon as possible.