On Site Services

A number of our clients are faced with the challenges of ever-changing circumstances putting them under the increasing pressure of unpredictable productivity demands. One of the most difficult resources to manage in such an environment is labour. Abbey Personnel have a dedicated division established to deliver on- site services to those companies who require higher levels of flexibility.

We will manage your temporary labour requirement by a dedicated account team based on your premises. We will focus on your requirements and offer a transparent, auditable and fully compliant service.

Our Process

  1. Initial Recruitment Campaign
  2. Conduct entire selection process
  3. Maintain pool of relevant labour
  4. Performance Management of the
  5. Ongoing communication between
    Client, Abbey Personnel and workforce
  6. Ongoing worker welfare
  7. Formal service reviews
  8. Auditing

We supply

  • Account management team
  • Biometric Time and Attendance system
  • Flexible KPIs set by you
  • All PPE supplied
  • Formal review meetings
  • 100% Compliant workforce
  • Contract Coordinators who are not sales people
  • Flexible invoicing (one invoice per site/department)
  • Site Inductions, basic training where necessary
  • Direct access to Directors
  • On site office

This service may be utilised on a project basis, you may have a high volume requirement for a fixed period, we can provide temporary locker units/restrooms etc.

We believe that our ethical and compliant procedures, our attention to detail and our innovative portfolio of services allows us to exceed our clients expectations.

You can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and utilise a fully flexible workforce which meets your demands by letting us do what we do best.

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